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  Chernihiv Theatre for Youth started as an offspring studio "Youth stage" at the Chernihiv Puppet Theatre in 1985. The first production staged at the studio after B.Vasiliev's "11 pages of the war prose" won the first prize at the Ukrainian young actors and producers competition in Odessa (1985). Following this success the studio performed in Kyiv and Moscow. In 1988 "The Puppet Theatre" was reorganized into the regional theatre for children and youth. The troupe has got the premises of their own. Through the numerous seasons the Theater was staging both dramatic and puppet plays. A number of Theatre's stagings were successful not only in the general audience but also at the Ukrainian and the Soviet-wide festivals ("Raggedy Ann" by Gibson, the stage manager O.Negresku; "The Catcher in the Rye" after Salinger, the stage manager G.Kasjanov; "The Twelfth Night" by Shakespeare, the stage manager A.Bakirov). Since 1996 the theatre is known as "Molodizhny" (youth) theatre, and the puppet troupe became a separate theatre for children. In this new statue the "Theatre for Youth" produced a number of significant stagings. "The Cherry Orchard" by A.Chekhov, "The Inspector General" by M.Gogol, "The Stolen Happiness" by I.Franko, "Hamlet" by W.Shakespeare, "The Puppet House" by H.Ibsen. The theatre has raised quite a few talented actors such as honored artists of Ukraine L. Veselova and V. Banjuk, masters of the scene J. Matrosova, T. Saldetska, M. Vitrihovska, V. Makar, the gifted youth R. Pokrovsky, O. Schukin, E. Sidorenko, R. Ostapko, I. Atroschenko, E. Shirokorad and others. The theatre has an actors' studio, and young performers take part in the youth projects of theatre: "Metro", "Mowgli", "Zacharovana Desna".
This year the Theatre just turns 24, so it still has the life ahead.
December Theatrical Nights
Our drama festival is the oldest in Chernihiv. For the first time it took place in 1988 - it doesn't take rocket scientist to figure out that we have it 21th time this year. The Nights hosted over 50 troupes and individual performers up to this very moment. Our most famous participants from Kyiv, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lviv, Tallinn are - National artists of the USSR Ada Rogovtseva and Nikolay Rushkovsy, Sergey Dreiden and Marina Politseimako, young actors from Moscow "Taganka" and Chekhov's Academic Arts Theatre, National Ivan Franko and Lesya Ukrainka Theatres, Kyiv creative workshop "Souzirja" ("Constellation"). The soloists of the Lviv academy opera and ballet theatre performed the Saint Sean's "Swan" on our subtle stage.
What makes our festival so special?
It's the comfort of domestic surroundings.
"Why?", - you ask.
First, we have a small stage of 30 square meters lacking the curtain and an intimate auditorium for 107 persons. And this is why we can't invite bigger troupes, although we have pretty decent lighting and sound equipment.
Second, all participants experience the personal touch in his or her relationships with festival authorities. They're more of the good old friends rather than authorities to you. You can enjoy our meals like your momma used to cook and our sightseeing tours are conducted by the best guides (and the fact that excited sightseers are always late for dinner is a sure sign of the quality of our tours). Once you're on your way back home you'll enjoy the sandwiches we'll give you as a kind of pleasant aftertaste.
And the last but not least we have the best audience all over the former USSR. Everyone will tell you so! Come and see for yourself.
If we have awaken your interest and you have play with a few actors involved and no cumbersome scenery
You're welcome!
The requirements for the participation are simple:
You tell us and if we go along well, we invite you. Accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours, etc - on our account. You only have to cover your travel expenses.
And lastly.
Our festival is creative, not commercial. The prizes are given on the public jury's behalf.
The festival lasts for four to five days and normally beings at December, 1st.
Hurry up and pack your bags - the time is almost up.
The festival schedule has a deadline at the beginning of October.
That's it, folks,
We are looking forward to see you.

Art Director of the Theatre  Gennady Kasjanov

XXXIII theatrical season
is closed